Communiqué of the Provincial of the Society of Jesus in Spain due to the appointment from the Pope

Spanish Provincial´s words, Francisco José Ruiz Pérez SJ, due to the appointment from the Pope:


"At this moment, after the appointment from the Pope, my initial reaction is in appreciation for the Pope Francis for having taken on such a great and decisive responsibility as leading the Universal Church. It is a gesture of personal service exceptionally generous and courageous. I also want to thank so many people who have contact with us to express their affections to the Society of Jesus at this time when a Jesuit takes on Peter´s Ministry. I can at least recognize the symbolism that the Pope Francis comes from Latin America. The Church seems to look out where there is a new sensitivity, which Catholicism can inspire with to address many present crossroads. Finally, the fact that Pope Francis is a member of the religious life is an ecclesial look to the radicalism of Christian following.

In every Jesuit there is a Saint Ignatius of Loyola and a Saint Francisco Javier, two of the co-founders of the Society of Jesus. Saint Ignatius inspired the Jesuits a notable sensibility towards the service of the Church and towards its spiritual edification. Saint Francisco Javier introduced the Society of Jesus the desire of taking the Church to where it is not present. In order to assume the Christian commitment, I am sure that, as Jesuit, Pope Francis will provide the church leaderships the potential of Ignatian spirituality. I am also sure that he will make Catholics of this time say and practice the Gospel in any kind of border where the understanding and acceptance of the message is at stage."

Father General of the Society of Jesus´s visit to Pope Francisco

Last 17 March in the afternoon, the meeting between Pope Francis and General of the Society, Adolfo Nicolás, took place. The Friday before that meeting the Pope called directly General Adolfo Nicolás, to thank him for the letter, which he wrote to him, giving rise to a funny anecdote with the porter at the Curia (you can read it below).

Down below Father General´s relationship:

"Responding to the invitation of the Pope Francis, at 5.30 in the afternoon I was at St. Martha Hospice, where the cardinals who attended the Conclave have lived. It was the Pope who was at the door and I was received with the arm the Jesuits usually greet. At his own request we took some pictures and after my apologies for not following the protocol he insisted that I should treat him as any Jesuit, therefore I didn´t have to pay attention to treat him as Holiness or Holy Father.

I offered him all resources available in the Society, for due to his new situation he will need people around him, council and study groups, etc. He appreciated my offer and when I invited him to have lunch at the Curia he said to me he would surely do that.

We were fully in line with our way of feeling the different topics we talked about and I was sure that we would work very well together, in the service of the Church and in the name of the Gospel.

A common understanding was given in a peaceful and humorous way when talking about the past, the present and the future. I left St. Martha Hospice convinced that Pope Francis will count on our cooperation in the service of Lord´s vineyard. Then he helped me putting on my coat and he accompanied me to the door. This gave me some greetings by Swiss Guard. A Jesuit hug, once again, as a normal way of greeting and receiving a friend."