Donate your mobile: more than 56.000 mobile telephones collected in 2009

Donate your Mobile is an initiative with solidarity and environmental aims that promotes the recycling of old telephones, with respect for the environment, and facilitates the use of those who may still be put to use. The amounts obtained from the sales of these telephones are directed to humanitarian projects from both organizations. In the case of Entreculturas the money is used for schooling of the most needed children in Africa and Latin America.

This is the 5th year of the campaign, with the participation of more than 2.300 firms and institutions in 9.000 pick up places for the telephones throughout Spain. Among the main entities helping in the campaign are: The Postal Services, Adif, Accenture, Mapfre and BBVA. Up to now, The Postal Services is leading with 93.436 telephones, 31% of the total collected.

A new aspect of the campaign is that this year the organizations promoting the campaign, encourage not to use plastic bags to send the mobiles but to print from the web page, a free postage label to stick on the box or envelope containing the telephones in order to contribute to limit the mass production of plastics.