Ecuador will defray the salary for Fe y Alegria’s teachers

Fe y Alegría in Ecuador has 81 school centres, about 25000 students and more than 1200 teachers. It was one of the fewer Fe y Alegrias whose teachers were not paid for the Ecuadorean State, what forced them to charge the student's families a small amount of money in order to contribute to the low salaries the teachers got.


Fe y Alegría has received this good news with great enthusiasm and from Entreculturas we join to this feeling.

In general terms, this agreement involves:

  • The immediate hiring, on the part of the Education Ministry, of all Fe y Alegria's teachers and as soon as they present their academic degrees and they pass successfully the corresponding tests, they will get their tax documentation (direct payments).
  • To authorize the National director to hire their managing team, teachers and the staff he requires in order to fulfil his mission or to do without their services according the laws established in the Education Law.
  • To authorize to Fe y Alegria, under control of the Ministry, to receive payment for the pensions needed for the operating and services costs, included in the Regional and National Directions expenses.
  • A monitoring committee (a representative of both sides) who can attend the coming situations to be attended and make proposals of cooperation.

Finally, another point of big satisfaction is the fact that the Occasional Education Committee (from the National Assembly) had invited to Fe y Alegria to take part in the contributions that are being prepared with a view to the new Education Law. Once more this example affirms the importance and the reliability that highest governmental offices give to Fe y Alegria in education fields' issues.