Entreculturas at the Forum of Beijing + 15

The campaign Move for Equality. It´s fair, promoted by Ayuda en Acción, Entreculturas and InteRed, has as its main objective to demand the need to comply the international agreements signed by our governments, focusing on the commitments of the Beijing Platform and the Millennium Goals, in addition to making women situation and their rights visible. This platform considers that in order to fight the structural causes of poverty, we have to pay a greater attention to women and girls, since they make up 70% of the population that is under the threshold of poverty.

The 54th Commission on Women Status, (Beijing+15) closed on March 12 in New York after 12 days of work. Move for Equality. It´s fair has closely followed this commission, from official meetings to parallel NGO seminars.

Beijing+15 was an opportunity to evaluate the objectives achieved since 1995 and to promote the implementation of the Beijing Platform Action, signed by the States in the Chinese capital. However, with government declaration in New York, the opportunity of commitment with concrete actions has been lost.

A declaration approved without civil society

The final declaration signed by governments was previously agreed on and approved without consulting the citizens. As a consequence, the positioning document presented by the civil society at the official forum and signed by the Move for Equality. It´s fair campaign, shows concern since the government text exaggerates progress and ignores the slow reality of gender equality.

Even though UN General Secretary has permanently stated the importance of civil society in UN work and especially on issues related to women´s rights, the campaign shows deep concern since spaces for decision making and political influence have been considerably reduced.

Women put forth solutions to new challenges

The current context of multiple crises, the long lasting suffering of women in poverty situations, their health, sexual and reproductive rights and AIDS, show new challenges that did not exist 15 years ago.
The wide and varied proposals put forth by women organizations and feminist groups in New York, promote the search for strategies and solutions, thus recovering the stage for women in political formulations.

On the road to the compliance of the Millennium Goals one must not ignore the international treaties that recognize women´s rights. Alliances created these days between women organizations, feminist groups, youth and development groups focused on gender, have been useful to assure the Beijing Action Platform as a critical framework for human rights which requires a total and urgent implementation.