Fe y Alegría in the Guatemala Congress

With the objective in mind of maintaining nearness to the Guatemala population, complying with the open doors policy, the District Chiefs and sub Chiefs assembly, gave a public hearing to the representatives of the Fe Y Alegría Foundation, the Association of Communities United for Development and the National Coordinating Association of Guatemala Marginal Areas Inhabitants.

During the meeting, each one of the organizations representative presented to the District Chiefs and sub Chiefs assembly, its requirement. In the case of Fe y Alegría, the request was intended to obtain the approval of initiative 4222 by this High State Organism, A "Law for the state to subsidize education in the rural and marginal areas trough the Fe y Alegría Foundation", which would permit them to continue with the same coverage on the subject "Fortunately, the issues at hand are urgent and nobody questions them, so it will wait for when they are included in the agenda, we will verify the viability of their incorporation when the necessary legal space is there", said the second Vice-president of the Republic Congress, deputy Carlos López Girón, who directed the encounter.

Here, from Entreculturas, we also want to emphasize the importance of the approval of this initiative as it would mean a big thrust to the work that Fe y Alegría Guatemala has been doing for decades to take literacy to the poorer zones of the country.