Francisco Javier Mellado: VOLPA en Perú


On many occasions you ask yourself, what can I do about the world around me? And then reach the conclusion that you choose to change from the inside.

I've been in Peru for a tear, in the Moquegua region (the city of Ilo). My job was to work in the NAJS Program, aimed at children, adolescents and youths in risk of social exclusion, developed by the Jesuits in the Centro Loyola. The objective of this project is to provide social training and socio educational attention from an ethics perspective and promoting active and critical participation in problem resolution.
The experience has given me much more than what I can possibly describe. It is early still to know the real extent of the effect the experiences have had on me, the conversations and life experiences in general...although if I was to choose a few words to express more they could be prudence, fortitude, temperance and hope. On my side...I don't know what I could have contributed. Maybe, nearness and commitment.

I try to be philosophical on my return to first I was very happy reencountering my family and friends; however, in the days following the feeling of sadness keeps growing, sadness for the people you've left behind, the things you aren't doing any longer...The days pass and you realize that all the things you didn't like about your culture become more senseless and unbearable as time goes by. But all this is in a constant inner fight, trying to find the positive side as well, with the emotion of living in a different manner and being able to contribute to change this meaninglessness.

The VOLPA experience has given me the strength and the energy so necessary to insist in the method of the restless and the dreamers...and, from this angle, it is an experience I recommend to everyone.