GLOBAL ACTION WEEK 2009 ¡Renewed Commitments!

A total of 43 cities and more than one thousand people (including students, professors and representatives of the literature and political world) have joint one more year a global movement in defence of the education as a human right.

Mº Teresa Fernández de la Vega, Lorenzo Silva, José Saramago, Mario Vargas Llosa, Eduardo Galeano, Rosa Montero, Rosa Regás, Andrés Newman or Jordi Serra I Fabra are some of the personalities that have participated this year in the Global Action Week on Education.

In Spain, as well as in the Latin-American countries, where Faith and Joy forms part of the Global Action Week on Education, libraries, universities, theatres and the enormous variety of places linked to the education field and culture, have welcome the activities in which has culminated a week in the educational centres, full of reflexion about the importance that knowing to read and writing has to lie ahead. Due to this reflexion the Great Book of Tales has been developed, a work made up of each of the written texts of the students, professors, writers and alphabetized adult people that have expressed this way their willing of the education to be a guaranteed right for all people.

The Global Action Week on Education 2009 has reached the commitment of the International Cooperation State Secretary, Soraya Rodríguez, who signed the formal requests of the campaign. "The Government was committed last year to assign the 8% of the Official Incentives for Development to basic education; this year, renewing our commitment, I regret the effort we are making in reaching this percentage (now is a 3,73%) and guarantee the access to education of the more unfavourable countries", declared the Secretary.

All these events- that can be consulted in the web have come in addition to the mobilizations that have taken place in more than 100 countries of the whole planet. This year Queen Rania of Jordan has been the Honour Representative of the campaign. "The education for all people is not a suggestion, is a worldwide imperative. We must assume the demanding of girls and boys that continue waiting", has declared.

Central Act of the Global Action Week on Education 2009 in Madrid

The International Cooperation Secretary State, Soraya Rodríguez, and several political representatives, have attended "The Great Lecture", act which has consisted in making mutual some of the tales written by the students, professors and personalities as representative as the Vice-president of the Government, Mº Teresa Fernández de la Vega, Queen Rania of Jordan, the writer Rosa Montero and Laura García Lorca, niece of the poet, on the occasion of the Global Week on Education 2009.

"With the lecture of these tales the intention has been to demonstrate what education means in the life of people, and how it changes their lives opening the door to the exercise of their rights", comments Yolanda González, spokeswoman of the campaign. This event, which has been attended by more than 100 people, including students, professors, members of ONG's and political representatives, has intended to highlight the importance of the education in the fight against poverty, specifically, this year the campaign has been focused in the alphabetization of young and adult people.

In this sense, on the last part of the act, the students - on behalf of all the Spanish schools that have participated in the SAME 2009 - have expressed with their own words the importance that education have for them and, therefore, the need to guarantee this right to all people worldwide. After, Luis Arancibia, President of the Spanish Coalition of the CME, has asked to Soraya Rodríguez and to the political representatives present in the act, a signature of commitment with the campaign objectives'. "Such signature, which is at the end of the Great Book of Tales, represents a commitment of the political leaders to contribute to reach the aim of Education for All in 2015", has declared Luis Arancibia.

This activity has come in addition to other acts that today - and along this weak - are taking place in many cities of Spain an in more than one hundred countries in the whole planet. This year, under the slogan "Open a book, open the world", million of people have joined their voices to reach a common objective: highlight the importance of the alphabetization of young and adult people, and the profound impact that alphabetization has on the fight against poverty.

Formal requests of the Campaign:

  1. Assign, unless 0,7% of the Spanish budget to help the global south countries.
  2. Assign more money of the Official Aid to Development, to the Basic Education of the global south countries, unless the 8%.
  3. To continue supporting initiatives that suit with Education for All People, as the initiative of Rapid Response and the Exchange of Debt for Education.
  4. To remove the aid conditions, resigning to impose the purchase of goods and services of Spanish origin, as well as other kind of macroeconomic conditions that contradict objectives, as the reinforcement of expenses in Education.
  5. Respect and support the educative policies of the South countries that give priority to education and improvement of life conditions of the students.
  6. To highly increase the percentage of AOD assigned to the alphabetization of young and adult people, which is actually around the 5% of the amount assigned to education.
  7. To guarantee an aid on a stable way and in a log term, so that the south countries can draw up a plan for their educative policies.

The whole information can be consulted in the web of the CME