Haiti needs your help

In Haiti, it is still impossible to quantify casualties. First estimations are 70.000 people buried although it could be many more. In addition to the state of emergency, the government has declared 30 days of national mourning. Entreculturas has contacted our local partners and we offer the following information.

Six days after the earthquake, chaos still reigns in Haiti. The magnitude of the catastrophe makes aid distribution and emergency work extremely difficult. This, in addition to the hunger, thirst and the psychological impact, only increases desperation among the population.

Rescue teams have already gone through 60% of the debris and have rescued around 70 people alive. The Foreign Minister Cabinet Members of the EU will hold a meeting this Monday to determine Europe´s help and will propose an international donors conference to respond to the human catastrophe that Haiti is going through.

Entreculturas has the following bank accounts open:


0049 0496 83 2010200200

         BBVA 0182 4000 62 0208002127
         Banco Popular 0075 0927 29 0600155000

         Banesto 0030 1306 76 0002591271

         Barclays Bank 0065 0100 18 0001541615

         La Caixa 2100 4770 11 0200104459

         Caja Madrid 2038 0603 28 6006374747

         Ibercaja 2085 9981 34 0330155450