Have you heard anything about Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)?

We are all responsible of where our savings go, and RSI contributes to a fairer, more equitable and sustainable world.

With RSI you are saying "no" to the environmentally damaging bossiness, to the ones that produce health hazardous products, the ones that invest in weapon manufacture and distribution...ultimately, you are contributing to reduce poverty and negative impacts on developing countries, you are favouring the integration of collectives in risk of exclusion, you are promoting that non socially-responsible businesses become so. And all this, without forsaking investor return.


And how does it work?

The financial entities that manage SRI have a follow-up commission or ethics committee that determine the criteria and requirements that a security or stock must fill to be eligible for investment. These are public investment options and the ethics committee ensures their compliance, thus guaranteeing the investors that they are investing only in socially responsible business.
To select business compliant with the requisites established, ethic and social qualification specialized agencies are used. Some criteria (minimums) are exclusive (for example: do not invest in arms manufacturers) and others are evaluative, that permit the selection of the more sustainable or responsible business. All of this without forgetting investor profitability.


And how do you invest in SRI?

It's very easy. You can go to any one of the main banks and ask for it. You can also choose to go to an ethical financial entity. The SRI main products are: SRI Investment Funds and SRI Pension Funds.
Both of them guarantee you that your savings are invested in sustainable business. Look it up in your bank, they will help you choose the product best suited to your requirements.

And remember: Your money can bring in something more than its interest.