Honduras, one year after the coup d'état

Radio Progreso, Jesuit resource that Works in Honduras and which Entreculturas is supporting ever since its inception, faith to go on with its broadcasting despite of the threads. Father Melo, director of the radio and Gerardo Chévez, journalist are on spot of the persecution.


Society of Jesus' Superiors in Honduras, in the case of threads and coercions happened repeatedly to Father Ismael Moreno, S.I. (F. Melo), before the national and international public opinion, we state the following:

FIRST: We denounce that F.Melo has been threatened to kill last weeks for unknown people through messages and phone calls to his mobile. These threatens have relation with the humanitarian decision of giving protection to the young Irma Melissa Villanueva in an very well known by the Public Ministry attorney and many national and international organizations in human rights field.

SECOND: We ratify that the relation of F. Melo with Irma Meliss and her family has to do exclusively with the events happened on August 14th in Choloma, the day that Irma Melissa accuse some policemen of having raped her during a demonstration of the resistance in that city. F. Moreno intervention has to do with the Christian commitment in situations that require the humanitarian assistance of religious peoples as he is.

THIRD: We notice that the threads against F. Melo don't apply only to him. Society of Jesus denounce that, Gerardo Chévez, Radio Progreso journalist is also receiving threatens and intimidations due to his informative job in the Radio.

FOURTH: We inform that on Friday April 17th Father Valentín Menéndez S.I., Jesuits Superior in El Progreso, Yoro, made a formal complaint before Human Rights Special Attorney in San Pedro Sula, in which he requires to continue with researches in relation with the threatens and coercions against F. Melo.

FIFTH: We demand to the national authorities the execution of a conscientious an effective research on the facts denounced and we urgently appeal to the national and international human rights organizations to follow this case.

In the city of El Progeso, Yoro department, on April 19th, 2010.

Valentín Menéndez S.I. (Jesuits Superior in El Progreso)

Carlos Solano S.I. (Jesuits Superior in Yoro)

Juan José Colato S.I. (Jesuits Superior in Tocoa)