International Recognition to the work of Fe y Alegría

From the hands of the Development Inter-American Bank (BID), the award went to Juscelino Kubitschek for his contribution to the community development of the countries for where he works. To this award, shared with the Vaga Lume Association, applied 115 candidates representing 22 countries of Latin America and Europe. This award, which is granted every two years, is the major distinction granted by a multilateral institution in Latin America and the Caribbean. "This award is a recognition to the quite and anonymous work that admires me whenever I have the occasion to visit it", affirms Jorge Cela, General Coordinator of the International Federation. And adds: "This award must be one stimulus more to continue ahead".

On the other hand, Fe y Alegría received a mention of the jury of the World Summit Award 2009, a contest that brings together experts in multimedia content of 34 countries and that evaluated 545 finalists in this edition. "It is a new recognition to our team of the Educative Computing Program and all the connections and professors that have assumed the challenge of renewing education with the aid of the new information and communication technologies" affirms Cela. "In education, the technology helps the professors transforming educational-learning processes, opening new possibilities to the students of learning how to learn, to extend their vision of the world through the dialogue without frontiers, and to build a new knowledge on the collective processes that teach how to live in global networks".