Iván Pérez SJ: “I have been very impressed with Fe y Alegria's work"

“I return greatly comforted and very moved by the work carried out there. I am very impressed with the work and dedication of the religious congregations which take up management of these schools, living in the same suburbs; I have been impressed by Fe y Alegría´s way of work. They say that Fe y Alegria´s schools change the reality of the suburb in which they work, some of the students manage to reach university and secure good jobs; this institution is widely accepted and valued in Peru.  

I have also been lucky enough to visit the Society´s mission in Sierra de Cusco, it is a different reality to Lima, much harder than in the city. There is greater poverty, they have no basic facilities such as access, since they go on foot or on horseback, they have no light, children do not go to school and work since they are four years old, keeping watch over  the goats or sheep, etc. Here, Fe y Alegría also works with the network of schools or rural educators, although this network has still to be consolidated and increased. As a difference to Lima, their needs are basic and urgent.

I think it is so important for all this to be known in Spain... that students of our schools be aware of what is Fe y Alegría and how it works, to know the social reality of Peru. I would like to finish  congratulating you on your work at Entreculturas - Fe y Alegría because thanks to it, there are many projects that can be carried out and maintained in those countries.

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