Javier Girado SJ, threatened with death in Colombia

The Centre of Investigación y Educación Popular (CINEP), has showed its repulse to the Graffitis against the Jesuit and CINEP researcher Javier Giraldo appeared in many places in Bogota since April 2010.

In these graffitis appeared threats to kill Giraldo, who has reported 201 crimes and murders committed by the National Army, the paramilitaries and the guerrilla in San José de Apartadó Peace Community since 9th July 1996. Furthermore, he has sent 18 applications requests to report innumerable crimes, which most of them remain unpunished.

These threatens against Father Giraldo, who has tried to protect Human Rights and don't let crimes and offenses against the International Human Right that were and are still being committed in Colombia, are rejected.

That's the reason why CINEP, as Compañía de Jesús institution, requires the National Government to investigate who are the responsible for these threatens and to define clearly the protection measures they can offer to the affected people, without which a real guarantee to the work of the Human Right defenders can't exist.

Pacho de Poux, Provincial de la Compañia de Jesus in Colombia statement. "We support Father Giraldo fight!

Source: ALBOAN