Join to sign the manifesto: People come first

The crisis cannot be an excuse to choose, among all possible cuts, to abolish basic services such as health or nutrition for those more than one thousand million people who are living today in extreme poverty.

The goal of this bulletin is to report this and obtain the greatest number of signatures to demand a more equal, fair and sustainable model of development in which the crisis should not be paid by the more vulnerable populations.


We demand political and public administration institution leaders to:

1. Promote measures against the crisis targeted mainly to the people who have caused it through financial taxes, taxes for those who have most and cuts that do not affect social expenses and productive economy.

2. Pledge fight against poverty, Human Development, the Millennium Goals, while keeping up their commitment with Official Aid for Development both at State, autonomic and local level, where participation and links of civil society with cooperation for development are closer.

  • Those political leaders who have announced cuts in these areas, we ask them to think over their decision and be aware of the consequences and to rectify.
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