“Las Igualias” open a blog and a group in Facebook to promote equality

The aim of these two initiatives is to encourage an open dialogue space in the Net, to discuss the situations of injustice and to put forth the progress on issues like gender equality. The inclusion of the project in social networks allows the campaign to reach more people and a space for debate.

At present more than 1.400 people have joined the group "Somos Las Igualias" in Facebook and almost 2.600 people have entered their blog. The interest is also shown in the great number of commentaries supporting both initiatives.

The campaign Move for equality. It's fair, promoted by Ayuda en Acción, Entreculturas and InteRed, has as its main objective to demand the need to comply with the international agreements signed by our governments, focusing on the commitments of the agreements of the Beijing Platform and the Millennium Goals and also to visualize women's situation and their fight to defend their rights. This platform considers that if we want to fight against the structural causes of poverty, we have to pay more attention to women and girls since they make up 70% of the impoverished population.