A meeting with President Correa closes a successful Fe y Alegría International Congress

“Your work is helping us in the enormous task and the State´s responsibility to offer education". This is how President Correa described Fe y Alegría´s work at a reception for over 100 delegates on November 13. Correa also added that given the State´s obligation to help the most deprived, Fe y Alegría "would always have total support from the national government since it was an important factor for education development". Joseba Lazcano, country head for the organization and Ignacio Suñol, the Federation´s General Coordinator also thanked the President for his support, which was recently shown in the agreement to finance 1.000 teachers of Fe y Alegría, our very important partner in Latin America and Africa.

The presence of an African delegation, was one of the main novelties of the XLI International Fe y Alegría Congress. President of the African Provincial Conference,  Fratern Masawe, General Director of Fe y Alegría Chad, Alfredo Vizcarra, and the Education Delegates of Western Africa, Ruanda-Burundi, Central Africa, Zimbabwe and Eastern Africa, William Tcheaumtchoua, Ignace Samulenzi, Augustin Kalubi, Joseph Arimoso and Atakelt Tesfay, met their colleagues from Latin America and the work they have been carrying out for over 50 years.

Participants in Fe y Alegría´s identity, such as two students, a teacher and a family mother shared their moving personal testimonies with attendants. The experience of the spirituality in the youth culture was another issue addressed in this annual meeting, which is being held for over four decades.