Television shows Entreculturas in Indonesia

As a consequence of the visit, TVE is showing a series of documentaries that reflect the recovery works and efforts of the JRS to restore the daily life for millions of Indonesian citizens whose belongings were completely destroyed. That terrible tragedy took away more than 5.000 lives and today, two yeas later, there is still a lot to do.

The first documentary "Indonesia, the forgotten tsunami" was shown on September 25. The next one will be on October 30 at 16.55 in TVE 2. "Indonesia, emergency education" will show the JRS emergency aid programme and the economic support of Entreculturas to restore education in the less favoured and most remote areas.

Finally on Monday, 27 November at the same time "Aceh, the resurrection of the fishing activity" will be shown. This third edition will show the joint work of Entreculturas and the JRS to restore the fishing activities in those villages where the fishing boats were practically all destroyed by the tsunami in 2004.