Three more years in the Coordinator Board

Communuqué of the Spanish DNGO Coordinator on March 18,2009

With gratitude and energy to assume the challenges of the current crisis" these were the first words of Eduardo Sanchez, the new president.

...Today's meeting has approved the Indicators Tool of Transparency and Good Governance of the Coordinator which will be presented in a few weeks and will be a highlight for the sector after three years of debate on the improvement of management in organizations, establishing an objective and measurable control system.

With the addition of the DNGO Coordinator from Extremadura, there are already 17 Autonomic Coordinators and more than 500 organizations represented in the country. The year 2009 is key in the international agenda with meetings such as the elections to the European Parliament and Spain's preparation to preside the Union.

Therefore, the role of our country can be decisive in the politics of the continent and there will be a great effort by the civil society to try to improve political coherence on issues such as trade, migrations, debt... etc so as to facilitate the development of the more impoverished countries, especially when they are the worst hit by the crisis.

This will also be the year of carrying out the new Director Plan for International Cooperation 2009 and in the near future several Spanish cooperation institutions will be reformed. Likewise, the Coordinator will continue working in the agenda of the Aid Efficiency in the foreign policy of our country and we hope to advance in the compliance of the State Agreement against Poverty signed by all political parties upon request of the Coordinator in order to unite efforts on development issues.

At the Assembly, the following members of the Board were elected: Carlos Cabo (Solidaridad Internacional), Cecilia Carballo (IPADE), Alfredo García (ACSUR-Las Segovias), Antonio González (Médicos del Mundo), Olivier Longué (Acción Contra el Hambre), Mª del Mar Palacios (Intered), Esther Pino (Ayuda en Acción) y Eva Sarto (Farmacéuticos Mundi), together with Eduardo Sánchez (Ingeniería Sin Fronteras), Ramón Almansa (Entreculturas) and Pilar Orenes (Intermón Oxfam), who extend their membership in the board for another three years.