United Nations Day for Women's Rights

In the day for the delivery of the volunteer women of the International Volunteering Program (VOLPA), we took the opportunity to tell their stories and transmit, through these women, the voice of those women who get involved for changing this World.

The objective of the VOLPA program is to know each other in their realities and towns through an equal and free meeting which touches the life of both parts.

The three volunteer women Rebeca Manso, Inma Sánchez and Mari Paz González just get involved in the VOLPA experience. Rebeca Manso will travel to Ecuador as volunteer in Fe y Alegría, "in fact, it makes me stronger to know that women have been teaching me in the training period", she said. The fact is that women are able to undertake projects hardly from the silent or hide side; this is an example for her. Inma Sánchez y Mari Paz González will land in Guatemala as volunteers for Santa María de Chiquimula Church. Inma thinks that women force can move the World because "if we have power of creation, we can move the World", and this affirmation is clearer each day for her. Mari Paz considers this trip like an opportunity to know the reality of these women in Guatemala and a social change in sight.

Ángela Sanz was there after her international volunteering in Guatemala. Ángela has spent the last year in Santa María de Chiquimula Church, in Guatemala. "Spain has moved toward the gender equality policies and we have to be an example for other countries. I think that if the genre equality existed in whole World, then the countries in development would not exist", she affirmed.