The Valencian Community joins the Pact against Poverty

The initiative, promoted by the Valencian Coordinator of ONGD and the Cero Poverty Platform, also implies an increasing of the budgets assigned to development.

In this way, PP, PSPV, Esquerra Unida and Compromís del País Valençià, have committed to put underway resources and concrete tools to set up a quality cooperation, and to increase up to 0,7% on the budget of the autonomous region, the Official Aid to Development. This percentage had already been planned in the Valencian Cooperation Law of 2007, but it is still far to be reached. For this reason, a Follow up Commission will be created, composed by members of all signatory organizations, which will have to evaluate if there are taking place the advances to which the political parties have committed.

This Pact, in which several ONG's have been working during a long time, also propose different political directions and concrete measures orientated to the Objectives of the Development of the Millennium.

The Valencian Pact has its reference in the State Pact against Poverty, approved on December of 2007 in the Spanish Parliament. Until now, only four autonomous regions (Balearic Islands, Navarra, La Rioja and Cantabria) and some provinces and cities have already signed similar pacts.