When playing finds a way to fix the world….

"Our art is our voice" is a project aimed at social reinsertion of the youth and ex "gang members" of some of the Lima and Ayacucho districts. For this purpose, the Jesuit Development Office in Peru offers different artistic, cultural and sports activities as an alternative to delinquency and marginal situations. At the same time they are offered psychological help and an adequate follow up until they become hopeful about their future.

This is the second year that Kuarkx and Entreculturas organize this event to raise funds and awareness among the youth about the problems that other people their age face in another part of the world. Around 700 boys and girls from Madrid became during one day citizens of Peru, Albania, Indonesia or Ethiopia in the process of passing the tests while getting close to the countries in the South.

The two winner couples were awarded a trip to Peru to visit the project. There were also other prizes and the day ended with a concert. But the most important was the fact that almost one thousand people returned home convinced that it is necessary to continue working for a fairer world and that sometimes the effort is as simple as to have an enjoyable day.